Michael Radovsky

Meet Mike Radovsky. Ohio-born Nashville native, composer/percussionist, and a powerful force in the production music community. His work has been featured everywhere from major motion pictures like Rango and Kicking And Screaming, to television powerhouses Breaking Bad and Dancing With The Stars.

You can hear him in countless productions on ABC, CBS, FOX, HBO, and Food Network. On Level 77, you can catch his work in the recent releases Percussive Power and Fun Rock Ad Spots, among many others across the catalog. These are exemplary displays of his diversity as a composer and instrumentalist, and you’ll be hearing them in the wild soon enough!

When he isn’t crafting hits for your favorite productions, you’ll find him behind a drumkit recording, teaching, or jamming out. Check out his and all our other releases today!

Featured Music

Percussive Power
Fun Rock
Dramatic Americana