Luke Truan, is an award-winning American composer from Atlanta known for cinematic-driven scores, soundtracks, arrangements, and music. Luke’s music, with its diverse inspiration, enfolds one’s senses with mystery, suspense, hope, and joy. 

 Some of his work includes Curtis Wyatt’s SWIPE CLUB, which earned multiple awards in the Trinity International Film Festival, the Sydney Indie Film Festival, Annette Wilson’s multi-award winning film, NO WORDS, Thelma Brown’s I JUST LOVE THAT MAN, Co-Composer of Felipe Barral’s immersive art experience VITA, C. Nathaniel Brown’s BUCKET LISTS, BLOODLINE, and award-winning CHI NU LEGACY, Mike McMullan’s multi-award winning TIMELINE, PORTAL ORIGINS, PORTAL ORIGINS 2. Other recent project includes Kenya Hendrick’s FOR US. Also, the heart-felt story that will bring tears to your eye is FORGIVEN REDEMPTION by Jessie Black of Script Turner Films.

 In addition to composing for film, Luke has worked on custom projects for popular TV shows like The Hidden Truth (Ukryta Prawda), Divorce, Fight for Everything (Rozwod Walka O Wszystko), Shark Week, Return to Amish, Sydney Harbor Force, Bondi Rescue, and more!

 As a multi-instrumentalist, he is always experimenting with new orchestral techniques, hybrid instruments, and sound and instrument combinations. Which stretches the creative mind and, in the process, creates epic, full, and unique compositions.

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