Julian Dente

JULIAN DENTE (YØUTH) is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, writer and artist based out of Nashville, TN. A jack of all trades who is self-taught on guitar, piano, bass, and drums, Julian’s versatility and artist sensibility has put him on the map as a go-to for Nashville based talent. He creates a unique sonic landscape within every record pulling inspiration from an eclectic batch of influences ranging from Radiohead to Andre 3000, Malay to Bombay Bicycle Club. He has been working extensively across the Annika Bennett project, producing all five records off her EP ‘Only Emotion’, and the Chaz Cardigan project with three on the last EP. Recent collaborations include Overcoats, Samia, Gabe Simon, Charlotte Sands, Elijah Waters, Gia Woods, Betcha, Little Image and more.