Jonathan Still

Jonathan Still, is an award-winning composer extraordinaire, and purveyor of powerful production music for libraries and ad agencies anywhere and everywhere!

Despite being Washington-based, his music is global. You’ve likely heard it without knowing, as he is prolific among licensed material through his vast catalog in various music libraries. His music has enhanced shows like Dancing With The Stars, Shameless, Better Call Saul, Inside the NFL, American Idol, Saturday Night Live, and NFL on FOX to name a few.

Additionally, he has many works in ads. His creations thrive anywhere, but have taken particular hold in the automotive genre. Companies like Dodge, Lincoln, and Ford have all taken to his sound, letting it sculpt their brand across their media platforms. The scope of his work has made the industry take notice, and he is the recipient of multiple Addy and Telly awards.

His work at Level 77 is invaluable, and you can hear him all over recent releases like Swagger Rock, Tasteful Tunes, and Cinematic Guitar Loops.

Featured Music

Swagger Rock
Tasteful Tunes
Cinematic Guitar Loops