Shanell SNL – Shanell is a singer, songwriter, actress, choreographer and artistic director. She began her career as a professional dancer for some of the top artists in the hip-hop game. After touring with Neyo, she secured her spot as his first female artist/songwriter and went on to write for major artists like Beyoncé, Usher and Lil Wayne; eventually landing her a spot in Neyo’s curated group “Young Money”. Within this label, Shanell acted as creative director, coordinating many of the artist’s tours as well as conceptualizing Lil Wayne’s masterpiece “Rebirth”, on which she penned numerous songs. With her most recent project, she is developing her own super crew of all successful females in the business – know as ‘The Girls Club’.
Shanell has performed on and been on the writing teams for multiple Level 77 music albums, and notably wrote the award-winning song writer on on the track ‘Be Mine’ that won the industry’s coveted Music Mark award!
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