The Choose Georgia event showcases why filmmakers should choose Georgia as their filming location. It featured presentations that discussed why Georgia is an ideal place for filming projects with its diverse locations, production infrastructure, talent pool, and competitive incentives programs.

As a proud Georgia-based company, Level 77 Music was honored to sponsor this year’s Choose Georgia event at Sundance Film Festival. Our CEO, Patrick Avard, and Senior Film Composer Mark Kueffner were both in attendance and had the opportunity to network with other industry professionals from all over the globe. Patrick Avard said, “It was an exciting experience attending Choose Georgia at Sundance Film Festival 2023! We were able to meet some incredibly talented people who are passionate about bringing their visions to life onscreen and equally passionate about growing the film industry in Georgia.”

The success of events like Choose Georgia demonstrates how vibrant and forward-thinking Georgia’’s film industry is becoming. With access to competitive tax incentives, diverse landscapes across the state for filming locations, and a growing talent pool behind the scenes, it’s no wonder many filmmakers have chosen Georgia. We look forward to seeing more films come out of this great state!