Level 77 is committed to helping its clients maximize their outreach into different demographics and international markets. One of the latest business partners helping Level 77 attain its strategic goal is Modoofind.

They are one of South Korea’s first music publishing companies, originating in 1991 as Kirin Music Rights Publishing Co., Ltd. Under that name, Modoofind became South Korea’s first music rights company and has been central to the expansion of Korean music not only throughout Southeast Asia, but into other markets outside the continent. From publishing department team leader, Seyoon Jung:

“Modoofind is very happy and excited to be the sub-publisher of Level 77
Music in Korea. Level 77 puts out the highest quality of production, and we
feel users in Korea will find the diversity of their library a valuable
resource in producing video content in the industries of broadcasting and

 Seamless Digital Cataloging

They have now established themselves as one of the top music publishers in South Korea. Their fully interactive website provides clients an intuitive and easy-to navigate catalog via the Plotick Production Music Platform. The digital shopping experience through Modoofind has made it an expedient way for production music customers from all over the globe to access the latest South Korean production music releases.

High Quality Music

As impressive as Modoofind’s digital music library and catalogue interface is, perhaps the most remarkable thing about this new partner is the reliable monitoring, high quality sound, and innovative platforming which has made it the vanguard of Asian music publishing. they partner with over 80 major global music publishing companies, and this extensive reach and collaboration has made it a one-stop-shop for all Korean digital, advertising, streaming, and film projects. The commitment to high-quality production music tracks and the collaborative business relationships has afforded them unprecedented growth in Korean market.

Experts in Korean and International Copyrighting

As the originator of music libraries within the Korean production community, Modoofind has developed a seamless audio curation service for brand development. They have become the premier publisher for broadcasting and advertising as well, capable of meeting clients’ various expectations with their fully developed music eco-system. Their library exports copyrights of domestic Korean artists to over 49 countries, helping to extend Level 77’s reach as one of the most widely broadcast production music companies in the United States.

This exciting partnership expands Level 77’s outreach significantly into Southeast Asia. Their expertise in both the legal and artistic character of South Korea makes them a welcome addition to Level 77’s stable of sub-publishers, and further extends Level 77’s reach throughout the global production music space.