Level 77 Music has recently announced partnerships with Japanese music publisher Sakura Notes, and Songs To Your Eyes, one of Israel’s most esteemed music publishing companies. They have already forged agreements with publishers in Europe and Korea, and Japan now joins with Israel in expanding the library further beyond the borders of the U.S.

Sakura Notes

Sakura Notes is an independent music publishing company based out of Tokyo, Japan. With over a decade in the industry, Sakura Notes boasts some of the best domestic musicians in the country. Specializing in music for Japanese broadcast programs, Sakura Notes has spent recent years extending its reach into the world music space.

Level 77 Music’s partnership with Sakura Notes will allow the library to reach an entirely new audience and listenership. By adding their four diverse labels to the already robust library represented by Sakura Notes, more Japanese companies will have access to the epic tracks from the Level 77 library.

Their expertise in connecting with consumers in Japan guarantees that Level 77 Music will be heard in many projects in the coming years throughout this vast market.

Songs To Your Eyes

Songs To Your Eyes is an established music production company in Israel, representing over 750 musicians, disk jockeys, sound designers, and composers. Their web-based portal allows for one-stop licensing and copyrighting. The effortless interface lets customers to see not only their unique production music offerings, but also allows for the custom scoring of tracks.

Their entrepreneurial spirit is demonstrated clearly in their focus on creating high quality production music for filmmakers and digital streaming projects. Hiring local Israeli musicians from independent bands helps them create epic tracks that elevate and proliferate. Their dedication to supporting local talent is truly inimitable.

Their experts have curated an astounding catalogue of tracks designed to add the perfect sound for a commercial, podcast, film score, and more. Their prowess in marketing to and understanding the demographics of Israel guarantees that music from Level 77 will be utilized in their work for years to come.

The addition of these companies as well as the recent contract with Modoocom in Korea has helped extend Level 77’s outreach to the international community. These prestigious sub-publishers will work with Level 77 Music to expand their creative reach and help solidify their standing as an international production music company.