At Level 77 Music, we have always believed that music is a powerful tool to help people emotionally connect on a level that cannot be replicated without it. Finding a way to leverage the perfect song to develop the right emotional response to a production piece is a critical skill. Whether we are working with a podcast, a YouTube video, a television show, or a feature-film, getting a track that prompts an emotional response is essential to telling the right story. Here are a few things to keep in mind when seeking out the right music:

The Power Of Sound

Songs are, by definition, expressions of emotional experience. Listeners often have visceral and primal responses to a track, and these can cover a wide range of the emotional spectrum. Whether it makes you laugh, cry, angry, or crazy, having a variety of musical sources available to accomplish this in your project is critical.

Music And Memory

Music is also powerfully tied to memory. The way that you feel the first time you hear a song often returns to you upon subsequent listening, which is why music from your childhood can bring swells of emotion when you least expect it. This response is almost exclusively based on the experience of the listener, rather than the content of the music. Happy songs can make you sob, sad songs may make you smile, and that paradox is largely dependent on the time and place of your initial experience with them.

As a content creator, knowing how to choose or create music that can place someone in a particular emotional headspace is a crucial aspect of telling your story in the most effective and compelling way possible.

How Level 77 Can Help

Our goal as a company is always to empower our end-users with the sonic tools they need to express their creativity as they choose. We make music that elicits an emotional response, and this is largely influenced by the type of content with which it is paired. You can find pieces in our catalog that work well in any creative context. Don’t know where to start? Reach out and let us help.

We are constantly producing new and cutting-edge tracks that can transform a listener’s experience. With our extensive and ever-growing libraries, you will always be able to find something new and interesting. Think about the mood you are trying to elicit in your current project, and let us help you take your audience there and beyond.